Tom Savini to Appear at Pensacon

Pensacon is proud to welcome our first guest for 2014: Actor / Stuntman / Director / Legendary Make-up Artist Tom Savini!

Tom SaviniTom Savini has had an amazing and profound career that has inspired generations of filmmakers. In the late seventies Tom’s special effects make-up work on Dawn of The Dead, instantly made him a name in the business. After doing the effects for Friday the 13th, Tom sealed his fate as a legendary make-up artist. Numerous movies and effects later, Tom started to focus more on his acting career, having his breakthrough role as Sex Machine in Dusk Till Dawn. As a director he made his feature debut with the 90’s remake of Night of The Living Dead.

With his make-up effects knowledge being so sought after, the Tom Savini Special Make Up Effects Program opened up in 2001 to teach the next generation the craft.
Still acting to this day, being requested to appear in films for the likes of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, Tom shows no sign of stopping his amazing life and career.

All guest appearances are subject to change due to professional commitments.


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