Kinematic Music wants you to Join “The One Constant”

Join Mindcage’s The One Constant

“Constant… Pushing on the lines they perceive and what will be. Freedom. Finally what confines you falls away to see.” Mindcage “The One Constant” from their upcoming CD Our Own Devices

Kinematic Music recording artist MIndcage’s The One Constant is more than just a newsletter, more than just another fan club, it represents unity and the spirit of progressive adaption. Founder, Dietrick Hardwick tells Mindcage Music News, “In the story, ‘The One Constant’ represents the people who are often on the fringe, the band of misfits and survivors, the ones who embrace this truth, and are the ones who hold values and virtue high, those who want to facilitate and adapt to change in a progressive way.”

If you think you’re ready to join our band of misfits and visionaries, we’re ready to invite you to sign up for The One Constant and be a part of the transformational journey of change with us here at Mindcage.


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