Count Gore De Vol to Appear at Pensacon

Count Gore De Vol

Count Gore De VolPensacon is pleased to welcome horror host legend Count Gore De Vol aka Dick Dyszel, star of such cult classics as The Alien Factor and Nightbeast. Count Gore began his career on Washington DC television in 1973 and became the first horror host on the Internet in 1998 with Creature Feature the Weekly Web Program at

Dyszel produces the program which has grown and expanded to incorporate a number of contributors from around the country, including several other horror hosts. Creature Feature the Weekly Web Program won the 2004 Rondo award for “Best Horror Website” and the 2009 Rondo Award for “Favorite Horror Host” and in 2013 Count Gore De Vol was brought into the Rondo “Monster Kid Hall of Fame!”

In 2009 Count Gore De Vol was the subject of a feature length documentary of his career entitled, “Every Other Day is Halloween,” and was featured in two other documentaries about Horror Hosting; “American Scary” and “Virginia Creepers.”

For more information please read New Guest: Count Gore De Vol!


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