Pensacon Welcomes Savana Jade Wehunt

Savana Jade Wehunt - The Walking DeadPensacon 2014 is proud to welcome Savana Jade Wehunt!

Savana is a Season Two and Three Walker (Zombie) on The Walking Dead.

She appeared in episodes one, two, three, twelve and the Finale of Season Two. During this season she led the horde to eat Otis, and was in the burning barn and many other scenes.

In season three, she has been in episodes six, eight (Season Three’s mid-season Finale) and ten. She will be seen several more times during the remainder of the season as different characters and in different capacities.

In addition to the television series she was also chosen by Greg Nicotero to be in his Webisodes season one, Episode #6, Everything Dies.

Savana was Chandler Riggs’ (Carl) stand in, photo double and stunt double. She was Chandler’s photo double during the scene when Shane was shot! She also stood in for Madison Lintz (Sophia) several times and helped her learn to be a zombie in her final scene.

She also played the Governor’s daughter, Penny, in the mid-season finale of season three.

This has given her many hours on the set with the main cast who she has developed close relationships with. She has a fresh and different perspective on the show from her fellow zombies and has many behind the scenes and on the set stories to share.

Recently she was featured on a The Walking Dead Wardrobe Trading Card #M31.

She is the popsicle eating zombie on the title page of the Atlanta Magazine’s article about The Walking Dead – Zombies Are So Hot Right Now.

Other projects she has worked on are MTV’s Teen Wolf, Vh1’s Single Ladies, Necessary Roughness on USA Network, Fox’s new series with Kevin Bacon, The Following. Movies The Watch starring Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn and The Goats starring Val Kilmer and Rada Mitchell. She was featured in the indie film Level 7 to be released winter 2013 and this spring she will be working on Night of the Living Dead: Genesis as a lead Ghoul and Ghoul Coordinator.

Most anticipated, she was cast in the Hunger Games sequel: Catching Fire to be released Christmas 2013.

Her newest project is a digital game featuring fellow Walkers from the show as well as possible Main Cast members called: WeHunt Zombies. It’s a cross platform game that will give the player the choice of being a zombie or a survivor.

Welcome, Savana!


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