Pensacon 2014 Plays Host to the Fright Meter Awards

The Fright Meter Awards Ceremony at Pensacon 2014

Fright Meter Awards

The Fright Meter Awards Organization is excited to announce that Pensacon will be hosting the 2013 Fright Meter Awards inaugural ceremony.  The aim of the awards are to select and nominate worthy films regardless of budget, means of release, or popularity.

Pensacon hopes to position the awards as the preeminent honor of the horror genre while the Awards Organization intends to make the Fright Meter Award one of the most prestigious horror awards given.

The Award Committee consists of horror fans, bloggers, actors, producers, directors, and others involved in the industry.  Pensacon is a multi-genre convention for fans of Horror, Sci-Fi, Comics, Anime, Gaming and more.

For more information please visit Pensacon to host the Fright Meter Awards Ceremony!


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