Ghoulash Games Founders to Appear at Pensacon

Ghoulash Games

Ghoulash GamesPensacola natives Mike and Joseph Suchcicki, founders of Ghoulash Games will be joining the Pensacon 2014 guest list next February. The original pen and paper version of Ghoulash: The Last Game on Earth was created by Mike in 1982.  The game has since expanded, taking on a life of its own and eventually developing its own mythology.

The father and son team have been producing Ghoulash games and adventures for distribution on the World Wide Web since 2001.  A GHOULASH: The Last Game on Earth Board Game is now available, and the publication of the first Ghoulash comic book/game book combination is slated for this year.

For more information please visit New Guests: Mike and Joe Suchcicki!


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