James Powell Artistic Visions at Pensacon

Artist / Designer James Powell

James PowellJames Powell is an artist/designer who works in a variety of mediums. He has done work for various authors and even painted guitars for Eddie Van Halen.  Pensacon is very pleased to welcome James and his unique artistic vision to Pensacola next February.

The Mississippi native is also a poet, lyricist, keyboardist/vocalist, and claims to have many unique and wonderful friends, both real and imaginary.  His interests cover vampires, zombies, angels, demons, Celtic & Greek mythologies, rock n roll, movies, Poe, Lovecraft, and more.

James’ work has appeared on the covers of Dean Drinkel’s Phobophobia, Scott Nicholson’s Monster’s Ink, Brian Hodge’s Falling Idols, Brian Hodge’s The Convulsion Factory, and Mark Konkel’s Disaster Park.

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