Ka-Blam Invades Pensacon

Ka-Blam Digital Publishing

Ka-Blam Digital PublishingPensacon welcomes comic industry veterans Barry Gregory and Thomas Florimonte, Jr., co-founders of Ka-Blam Digital Publishing. Established in 2005, Ka-Blam has grown to be a pillar in the rapidly expanding worlds of independent comics, self-publishing, and web-to-print comics.

Barry spent time as managing editor for a mid-sized comics publisher. His current work includes the ongoing superhero/adventure series Gallant Comics #1.

Thomas has inked and colored comics for publishers such as Marvel, Dark Horse, Valiant, Malibu, Chaos!, etc., for 20+ years. His creator owned projects from Inferno Studios include Zomboy: Kid Hero, Lil Na’ & SoSo, Mystery Girlz.

For more info please read New Guest: Ka-Blam Digital Publishing


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