Why Jeff Hignite is the Perfect Voice of Mindcage

Connecting with The Perfect Voice

“Falling down / Fortune hides away obscurity / For the sound of the voice / Inside your head to tend”
Mindcage “The One Constant” from the album Our Own Devices

Jeff Hignite: The Perfect Voice of MindcageJeff Hignite:
The Perfect Voice of Mindcage

Mindcage Founder Dietrick Hardwicksays he considered some famous names you probably know before concluding Jeff Hignite is the perfect voice for his musical vision. After witnessing Jeff’s powerful vocals first hand, we at Kinematic Music tend to agree.

“I wanted to work with a vocalist that is versatile, yet distinctive. It is important for a singer not to just tweak my words and melodies but to sing from the heart and contribute melodies of his own,” Dietrick tells Mindcage Music News

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