Deadpool “Classic” Inker Joins Pensacon

Deadpool “Classic” Inker – Nathan Massengill

Nathan Massengilll - Deadpool InkerWhile probably best known for inking Ed McGuinness, penciler on the Deadpool series, Nathan Massengill is a 20 year comic industry veteran with many pencil, color, painting and writing credits to his name. Aside from Deadpool, some of Nathan’s work includes The Jaguar, Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl mini-series, The Justice Society of America, the 1996 Wolverine Annual, The Hulk, and Cable.

Deadpool issue #12 was nominated for an 1998 Harvey Award for Best Single Issue., and in 1993 Massengill was nominated for a Chesley Award for his painted work. Nathan is currently doing the writing and art for his independent series Viscera.

For more information please read New Guest: Nathan Massengill!


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