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Pensacon Welcomes RetroBlasting


RetroBlastingMichael and Melinda are poised to introduce RetroBlasting to Pensacon 2014 next February. Believe me, if you grew up with movies, cartoons and toys from the 70s and 80s, you won’t want to miss this. The duo met at a Firefly fan meeting in 2009 at quickly realized they were fated to research and analyze all things retro, from old school to reboots, always with a sense of humor.


Michael has degrees in film and journalism, while Melinda has an education in art and anthropology. Michael was also involved with the development of Star Wars: Revisited and ESB: the Reconstruction, as well as served as a staff writer for and

For more information please read Guest Announcement: RetroBlasting!


Mindcage Audio Engineer Gardner Grove

Live Audio Engineer Kinematic Entertainment is proud to name Gardner Grove as Front of House Audio Engineer and Lead Audio Engineer for Mindcage. The 25 year industry veteran will deliver Mindcage’s signature sound to the ears of live listeners all over the world. Mindcage founder and lead guitarist, Dietrick Hardwick says, “I have worked with… Continue Reading